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You may use this contact form to send a message to the board administrators (Root Admin/Administrators) at any time. Please do not be shy, as we will check each message appropriately and with fair stature and lack of prejudice. Also note that this is by far the easiest way to report a staff member for permission misuse or otherwise.
If you do not have a forum account, please expect an E-Mail response!!!

This form's main purpose is to discuss:
  • Forum bans
  • Sitewide bans
  • Staff Abuse
  • Special Requests
  • Service Downtime/Issues
It's probably a good time to use this form if:
  • Staff is constantly unresponsive.
  • You do not or do not want to have a forum account.
  • You found a serious bug.
  • You feel greatly irritated by some user(s) or staff member(s) in a way that makes you uncomfortable with using the services.
  • You have been DoS'd, doxxed, or maliciously attacked in any other way.
  • You have no other option available to you.
Above all else, please be as descriptive as possible with your problem. Include any media to help get your point across; images, videos, logs, etc. Please post logs in plaintext, do not link it.

WARNING: Do not spam this feature.

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